David Zender

I’m the Service Manager here! Before I working at Starr Cycle, I was at Honda House in Saint Cloud where I worked as the shop foreman for 25 years. I’m a certified Honda, Ski-doo and Spyder tech. I also have a BA in the Social Sciences from SCSU. My main interest in bikes has been long distance riding. Almost all my vacations have been ‘behind the bars’. I currently own a couple Honda’s but I’ve my ‘eye’ on an FJR and maybe one of the KTM dual purpose rides. If you count all the testing and verification rides from shop work, I’ve figured out I have at least a quarter million miles on motorcycles.

I’m here because I chose to be. We’re not ‘big’, but the staff is great. That’s good for you, our valued customers. Everybody here is an enthusiast one way or another. I plan to continue to wrench, but you’ll see me in other roles as well. Come on out and see us!