Nathan Zender

Hi, my name is Nathan Zender and I am a Motorcyclaholic. My addiction has affected my life in the following ways:

  • I buy motorcycles, as in plural, several motorcycles. Yet I do not like to sell my bikes. This causes problems.
  • I take time out of my life to ride, many times a week, often taking hours to myself. I do not see this as a problem but apparently others do.
  • I have spread the disease to my family and friends. Others have unintentionally been infected.
  • Sometimes I smile for no reason known to those around me. I am thinking about my condition.
  • Often I act much less mature than I should for my age.
  • Scariest of all I love my work! It indulges my need to talk incessantly about motorcycles, ATVs and snowmobiles!

My loving wife, Sadie has stood by me through my motorcycle affliction, and my son has been exposed to my motorcycle obsiession as well (poor kid). Trust me, this is NOT easy! Sadie and I are actually expecting another addition to our family soon too! And you can be sure that they'll also be affected by my passion! Stop into Starr Cycle and let's see if I can help you have more fun.