Brandon Beranek

Brandon has been helping out at Starr Cycle on and off through high school since he was 15 years old. After graduating from Mankato West in 2015, Brandon has taken on a full-time position in the service department, learning and improving his skills under the instruction of our highly trained techs. Brandon's first motorcycle was a PW50. His father was the President of the Kato Cycle Club, so Brandon has been around dirt bikes his whole life. Originally from Nicollet, Brandon now lives in North Mankato. His favorite brand of dirt bike is Honda. Besides riding and racing his dirt bikes, Brandon also likes to golf and snowboard. Brandon races B class for District 23, and won 1st place in the Motokazie 250B series in 2014. Now that he's busy working full time at Starr, Brandon doesn't race as much. Rather, he says he enjoys just going out riding after work and 'throwing wippertails' with Lowell.