Trish Moran

I work at Starr Cycle for fun! Working in this environment is incredible. Every day I go to work and stare at beautiful bikes. I order technical riding gear. I talk to some of the nicest people in the world. Sometimes I talk to mad people, but mostly nice. And us employees are like a little family. I began working at Starr Cycle in the summer of 2006. What began as just my summer job turned into full-time employment in the fall, which meant I left my "real job" at the elementary school in St. James. While I do miss working with kids, some of us here have many similar qualities.

I began riding when I was 21. I did it because I hated being a passenger. I had ZERO riding experience. I took an MSF Safety Course up at South Central College (funny thing...John Zender was one of my instructors). Everything has come full circle as I am now an MSF instructor myself. I love welcoming new riders into the sport! My first bike was a Suzuki GS500E. What a great little bike. Other bikes include a Yamaha R1, a Buell Thunderbolt, and my current bike--a KTM 690 Duke. The Duke is by far my fave. It is super duper light and wicked fun.

I am blessed with three beautiful daughters, all that ride as well. The eldest is on a Yamaha TTR90, my three-year-old just got her first "real" bike, a Yamaha PW50, and my one-year-old is about to inherit the KTM Strider with the bald tires! As for my husband Tom, well he likes to smash cars in demo derbies. I guess it's good therapy for an auto mechanic! My official title at Starr Cycle is Parts Manager, but I can sell you a bike, help you get signed up for classes, or help fit you for a helmet. I am always eager to hear suggestions on what we should carry for parts, accessories and riding gear- so please speak up! If you are ever in town, I encourage you to stop in at Starr Cycle and say hi.